NATO Ambassadors Visit the Base of the Nuclear Submarine.

Showing off ‘nuclear alliance’ in close contact with China and Russia

NATO Ambassadors Visit the Base of the Nuclear Submarine

It was delinquently revealed on the 20th(original time) that NATO ministers lately visited France’s strategic nuclear submarine base.

NATO said in a press release on the 6th that ministers from the North Atlantic Council, the top decision- making body, recently visited the military base in Ilong, France, and checked a nuclear- powered ballistic pellet submarine.

NATO said the visit was aimed at highlighting the contribution of French conventional and nuclear forces to the defense of NATO member states’ territories.

In addition, referring to the new strategic concept adopted by NATO at last year’s Madrid summit in Spain, he stressed, “NATO members agree that NATO will remain a nuclear ally as long as nuclear weapons exist.”

The Ilong base is a” heart” symbol of nuclear deterrence in France, a nuclear power and NATO member.

NATO’s belated announcement of its itinerary, which appears to be part of its ambassadors’ usual activities, seems to be aimed at showing off its solidarity as a military security alliance at home and abroad amid accelerating close ties between China and Russia in the face of the Ukraine war.

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